How to Help Your Struggling Tween

We’re just about a year into this pandemic, and it’s been hard on basically everyone. From toddlers who can’t socialize with their little toddler friends to the elderly who haven’t hugged a single family member in a year, each one of us has been negatively impacted, regardless of our age, occupation, or financial… Read more…

SGUnited Traineeships Extended To March 2022 – Allowance Raised Up To $2.1K For ITE, Poly Grads

The Ministry of Manpower has announced that the SGUnited Traineeship programme will be extended until the end of March 2022. Additionally, the traineeship allowances for ITE and polytechnic graduates will be raised to a maximum of S$1,800 and S$2,100 respectively. The increase in allowance will apply to traineeships commencing April 2021, with the government co-funding…(Continue Reading)

What Is Bitcoin?

Before buying your first Bitcoin, it is important to understand what Bitcoin is. What function does Bitcoin play? How is Bitcoin created and transacted? How do I create new Bitcoin? What is Bitcoin “mining”? The Origins of Bitcoin Bitcoin was first launched in 2009 by an anonymous profile, under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, who’s…(Continue Reading)